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    Incorporating an Anaconda Prompt to a Windows Terminal

    Anaconda is a fantastic software distribution that has everything that you need to start your Data Science projects. It comes with its own package manager, conda, which includes its own command prompt. It is great to manage your environments and launch your tools. However, when you need more than one command prompt open (which happens quite often), it is very annoying to have them spread all over the place. Having them under a single window with a tab system would be much handier. Enter Windows Terminal.

    In this post, I will share the steps that I followed to incorporate Anaconda’s Prompt into it.

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    Fixing Unstable WiFi Connection in Windows 8

    I just upgraded my old laptop to a new one with Windows 8.1 installed. Putting aside the small details of getting used to a new operating system (OS), I found something that was terribly annoying

    Apparently, there is an awful issue with Windows 8.1 management of the wireless adapter. This translates into an unstable, limited WiFi connection. I immediately jumped into the internet, trying to find a solution. Surprisingly, this was a very common issue. Nevertheless, it took me quite a few tries to finally fix it. If you find yourself in the same situation, I recommend you to try the following options (in this order):

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