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    Installing LaTeX

    Recently, quite a few friends have been finishing their degrees and preparing their final theses. A very common struggle was the actual procedure of writing the thesis document. I don’t mean sitting down and writing the content (which is already quite challenging itself), but to manage big amounts of text, figures, and (specially) references efficiently. Being such a big fan of LaTeX myself, I always recommend it. However, setting up everything for the first time might not be very intuitive for everyone, since it requires a few steps. Therefore, I decided to write this small guide on how to setup LaTeX in your computer for the first time.

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    Using jphysicsB.bst with Titles in LaTeX

    Recently, I was working on a paper submission. Being a huge fan of it, I used LaTeX for the manuscript preparation. The journal’s guidelines for submission indicate that LaTeX Harvard Alphabetic Style must be used together with the BibTeX style file jphysicsB.bst. The guidelines also instruct that references must include the title of the article/book/etc. However, the jphysicsB style does not print it (this is not an error, that is the way it is supposed to work). How to solve this?

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