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    Social Service at HRAE Oaxaca

    In Mexico, in order to complete the credit requirements of any undergraduate program, you are required (by law) to perform a so-called social service: 480 hours of non-remunerated work in a nonprofit organization (preferentially in your field). This time corresponds to a half-time service for one semester or a full-time service for one summer. The Biomedical Engineering program at the Universidad Iberoamericana is no exception.

    In my case, I decided for the latter option - summer of 2009. Not only did I chose it because it wouldn’t interfere with my lectures, but this also allowed me doing my social service outside of Mexico City. At first, I thought of the social service as a requirement that I wanted to get done with as soon as possible. I thought I would get the feel of the field work of a Biomedical Engineer, learn one or two new things, and get the credits. I had no clue what kind of experience was before me.

    Main facade of Oaxaca’s HRAE.

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