Instructions for the AAT from the Dark Side Developer Kit (9754)

I had a complete blast (re)building the Battle Droid on STAP from the Droid Developer Kit (9748). Thus, the next natural step was to give a model of the Dark Side Developer Kit (9754) the same treatment. The original set came with three different booklets (1, 2, 3) with instructions to build a Droid Starfighter, a Destroyer Droid (aka Droideka), and an AT-AT. However, in contrast to the Droid Developer Kit, this set didn’t have a CD. Instead, the booklets had pictures of the alternative builds. Among these, you could find the Armored Assault Tank (or AAT for short).

I always liked this tank. I think it looked amazing, especially in Episode I’s Battle of Naboo. Thus, I was very excited to back-engineer the construction of this model. Fortunately, the booklet contained quite a few images, making the recreation a bit easier than the one of the Battle Droid STAP was.

I find the design of the build very interesting and clever: with only one motor, the AAT can move and make the turret look for a target. Overall, I am very happy with the results. I wanted other people could enjoy building this model as much as I did. Thus, I also generated the instructions using Bricklink Studio.

This time, I estimate that the whole thing (i.e., building the original model, generating the instructions, and producing the renders) probably took me around 30 h. I had tons of fun working on this project and I hope that I can use this model as a base for future creations!

If you build this model, please share some pictures! I’d love to add them here.

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